• The culmination of 50 years of Zen meditation set against a 10,000 mile unescorted trip to China in 1987, when tinkling bicycles in the streets—no cars, no high rises and everyone earning the same $20 wage—were the norms. On a meditational journey that took him to temples and monasteries, Schwartz seeks to describe the experience of meditation from the ‘inside.’
  • Composed of two interwoven coming-of-age stories, one told by a 15-year-old paperboy who finds himself a reluctant media hero and the other a 65-year-old window who charts herself coming alive again, The Extraordinary Pupfish is a rural California story involving the sale of an abandoned gold mine that threatens to pollute a town’s groundwater, and in which both narrators unwittingly become each other’s enemy.
  • Playwrights for Tomorrow, Volume 9 (1972)
    Psalms for Two Davids, a sweeping epic of the young King David confronting his future self through a vision from the prophet Samuel, the play foreshadows the rebellion and death of David’s beloved son Absalom, which challenges his faith but leads to an ultimate affirmation of life.
  • New Theater for Now, Volume 2 (1970)
    Tilt (formerly untilted), a play set in a psychiatric ward where an architecture student on LSD redesigns the room without any doors or windows, confusing his doctor, medical team and ultimately sending them on a psychedelic trip which explores the nature of reality.